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Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)

Wes Breckenridge, Interim Director

Mission Statement:
The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy's mission is to provide safe communities through effective and efficient training. The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy is dedicated to providing a strong comprehensive level of training for peace officers, jailers, and telecommunicators in the fields of Basic, specialty, instructor, and leadership training.

Officers Receiving Certification
Total Officers Trained


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Highlighted Measure:

Law Enforcement Officers receiving Basic Peace Officer certification and other training by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Data Source: Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)




NOTE: Specialty schools include Instructor Certification & Re-certification, Medical Schools and Community Outreach.

GTSB: Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau
VAWA: Violence Against Women Act
SFST: Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

Updated 11/24/2020

GRAPH - Percent of Persons who have 2-year Degrees that are Attending ILEA Basic Academy


GRAPH - Percent of Persons who have 2-year Degrees that are Attending ILEA Basic Academy

Why this is important:
The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) is responsible for setting law enforcement standards and training/overseeing the training of all Iowa peace officers. It is important that the ILEA high standards be established to assure public safety for all Iowans.

What we're doing about this:
The director has established routine meetings with the Iowa community colleges to collaborate on accomplishing this goal. A college night will be held during every academy class. The director will attend career days when invited at high schools and community colleges and present programs to community service groups upon request.



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