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Operational Scan




Safe, Just and Inclusive Communities


Goal 1   Zero tolerance for discrimination in Iowa, in the workplace, in schools and in the criminal justice system


Percent of female, minority, and employees with disabilities within the total Iowa state government workforce


1.1  Reduce disproportionate minority contact with juvenile and criminal justice system

1.2  Provide infrastructure that supports improvement of human and civil rights for all Iowans (e.g. policies, procedures, education, enforcement)


Goal 2   Reduce impact of substance abuse as contributing factor to criminal activity


Percent of Individuals entering adult corrections system with an identified substance abuse risk factor

Percent of offenders with substance abuse needs leaving corrections system whose risk level shows reduction on validated risk assessment

Number of offenders in treatment

Percent of offenders successfully completing substance abuse treatment


2.1  Reduce availability of illegal drugs

2.2  Reduce abuse of drugs

2.3  Reduce impact of drug and alcohol abuse on youth and children


Goal 3   Enhance capacity to respond to natural & manmade hazards, threats, and emergencies


Number of National Guard personnel available for emergency response

Percent of cities and counties compliant with national incident management system


3.1  Improve integration and interoperability of communication throughout the response system network

3.2  Enhance Iowa’s intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities and sharing of threat information among authorized agencies

3.3  Enhance capacities, response plans, training, and exercise opportunities for Iowa’s emergency response personnel including the contribution of volunteer resources


Goal 4   Reduce the sexual exploitation of children


Number of convictions for child specific sexual abuse charges

Number of cases of internet crime against children that are referred to prosecution by ICAC

Reported instance of sexual exploitation of children using the internet

Percent of individuals convicted as charged


4.1  Prevent and investigate crimes of sexual exploitation of children by predators using the Internet

4.2  Affect the incidence of sexual abuse of children through improved education, policies, and practices




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