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Education - Vocational Rehabilitation

David Mitchell, Administrator

Mission Statement:
We provide expert, individualized services to Iowans with disabilities to achieve their independence through successful employment and economic support.


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Highlighted Measure:

The percent of IVRS consumers that realize an increase in their hourly wages as compared to the same period of the prior year.

Data Source: Purple vertical bars- Department of Education, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS); Red horizontal line- national Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) standard.

Updated 06/30/2020



GRAPH - Wage ratio for Voc Rehab clients in competitive employment

Why this is important:
This measure indicates that intervention by the professional counselors of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services has benefited consumers by increasing their wages.

What we're doing about this:
At Vocational Rehabilitation, we are using technology to increase the quality of time spent with our job candidates. This comes through improved work effectiveness and time management with mobile technology including the use of tablets and cell phones. We are also delivering training for staff and developing systems to manage the process for improving business relatinoships with business and industry. We allocated three new positions this past year for a training specialist and two business specialists. In relationship to the quarterly earning data, IVRS has consistently been above the federal standard of .52, but has seen a gradual decrease in average earnings the past several years. Our empoyment outcomes increased this past year to 2,097 individuals compared to 2,080 in 2017. The earnings have changed due to a gradual increase and focus on serving individuals with the most significant disabilities and an increase of Employment First cases, where individuals are transitioning from segregated employment to sometimes their first community, competitive integrated employment setting. We also are seeing a large increase of services to our transition age population.



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