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Education - Vocational Rehabilitation

Daniel Tallon, Administrator

Mission Statement:
We provide expert, individualized services to Iowans with disabilities to achieve their independence through successful employment and economic support.


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Highlighted Measure:

The percent of IVRS consumers that realize an increase in their hourly wages as compared to the same period of the prior year.

Data Source: Purple vertical bars- Department of Education, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS); Red horizontal line- national Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) standard.

NOTE: The vocational rehabilitation program in Iowa is funded with 78.7% federal funds in the amount of $27,334,802 for FFY2022. No non-governmental funds are used to finance this program.

Updated 07/01/2022





GRAPH - Wage ratio for Voc Rehab clients in competitive employment

Why this is important:
This measure indicates that intervention by the professional counselors of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services has benefited consumers by increasing their wages.

What we're doing about this:
IVRS reacted quickly to the pandemic, moving staff to virtual service delivery within the first week. We have made a commitment towards continuing to advance our technology applications through mobile and flexible usage. We emphasized service delivery will not be interrupted, we are not closed - even during the pandemic, but that services should be provided virtually. We established goals to protect staff and job candidates with health and safety measures, to keep staff in paid work status when possible and ensured service delivery would continue. The clear message was services can and should be provided virtually, but there are times and needs when on-site visits are required and those are allowable following all of the CDC safety guidelines.

The pandemic has seen a major shift in how business is implemented. Our business customers and job candidates have had their lives significantly ipmacted, but we have found innovative ways to keep vocational rehabilitation services in the forefront. Job candidate referrals and employment outcomes have decreased, but that is expected given current conditions. We remain optimistic our hybrid service delivery options will continue to lead us into the future months. We continue to see an emphasis on a growing transition population with service to students who are receiving special education services under an individual Education Plan or 504 plan. We also continue to see individuals with the most significant disabilities attempting to access competitive integrated employment opportunities for the first time. This is exciting as we know from our data that when individuals can work in the community there is a positive return on investment and social health. Our Employment First philosophy, with a belief that all individuals can work with the right services and the right supports, provides a strong foundation in continuing to provide outreach during the pandemic.



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