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Education - Iowa Public Television

Molly Phillips, Executive Director & General Manager

Mission Statement:
Iowa Public Television joins the power of television, online, and other forms of public service media with personal advocacy and engagement to educate, inform, enrich, and inspire with noncommercial, unique, and trusted programs and activities that serve individuals and communities across Iowa.

Reach of Iowa Public Television


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Highlighted Measure:

Reach of Iowa Public Television

Data Source: Department of Education, Iowa Public Television, Educational Services, online survey; Programming and Production, and Trac Media

IPTV = Iowa Public Television

Updated 07/06/2018

GRAPH - Reach of Iowa Public Television

NOTE: In-school data reports the number of students and teachers that use IPTV's services each year. In-school data are reported annually.

On-air data reports the number of total viewers that use IPTV's broadcast services on a monthly basis. The numbers will be a rolling average of four Nielsen sweeps, as compiled by Trac Media. This report includes only results for IPTV's primary broadcast channel viewers. Results for IPTV's three sub-channels, including IPTV KIDS.2, are not reported and thus unavailable.

The on-line data reports the number of web visits to IPTV's web sites each fiscal year. On-line data are available each quarter. The online reach goal reported here is limited to website visits only. Website visits have declined as engagement has migrated to multiple socal media platforms.

Why this is important:
IPTV's noncommercial, public-service mission enables the organization to concentrate on presenting an unequaled array of programs of lasting value to Iowans regardless of where they live or what they can afford. While concentrating on the quality and variety of services, Nielsen ratings and statistically sound research, provide IPTV with an objective measure of how audiences, including educators, are responding to the broadcast schedule and other public media services provided.

What we're doing about this:
IPTV listens to its viewers and customers. IPTV has initiated an on-going viewer engagement project that includes dialogues with viewers across the state. IPTV is also working with the national organizations PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to utilize their national research on the local level and to provide local feedback into the national schedule.



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